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Dear Camping Guest, we welcome you to the North Sea-Camp Norddeich and wish you a nice, relaxing and memorable stay. We make every effort to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. In the interest of the Camping Community, we would like to ask you to observe the following regulations:


1. We would like to ask you to follow the general rules of conduct accordingly. Our facility is for your recreation.

Any behavior that could disturb other guests may be avoided. All community facilities are to be treated with gentle care. If there are any dangers to the community facilities, these must be reported to the administration immediately so that these dangers can be eliminated.

2. Access to the campsite area is only permitted after prior notification in the reception. The administration is entitled to inspect the identity card of each guest and visitor. The residence fees must be paid on the day before departure at the latest. As payment options are available cash payment, or starting from a value of 25, – €, debit card with pin or credit card (Mastercard / VISA). In the tent area and for rental objects, the residence fees are payable at the latest on arrival. In the case of a self-inflicted eviction no refund can be given.

3. Every visitor of the campsite is subject to  order- and cleanliness. The independent limitation of camp spaces with trenches or enclosures is prohibited. Please make sure that no guests or visitors are violated or annoyed through tent pegs, tent cords and other accessories. The installation of air-impermeable tarpaulins, foils, mats etc. is not permitted to protect the pitch.

4. Dogs are only allowed in a certain area. Please note the appropriate signs during your walks. Furthermore, everywhere in the dog area and on the embankment section in front of the camp site, you need to leash your dog. Please do not take your dogs to the children’s playground and sanitary buildings. Animal droppings should be disposed of immediately. Bags for this can be obtained free of charge in the reception. If other guests of the campsite feel disturbed by the animals you brought, the landlord is entitled to demand the removal of the animal. A rental price reduction is excluded in such a case.

5. During the night’s sleep (10pm-7am) a driving ban prevails on the entire premises. Gadgets such as Radios, TV, CD-Player or similar are to be set to tent volume. The same applies to conversations and discussions. Violations against the lack of space (despite a warning) entitle the landlord to remove you from the premises.

6. Children’s playgrounds and their playground equipment may only be used by children. A constant monitoring of the playgrounds by staff is not possible. For this reason, entering the playground and the playground equipment takes place

at your own risk. Children should be instructed by their parents or escorts about the dangers.

7. The car is to be parked on the area allocated to the guest. Additional vehicles or vehicles of visitors must be parked in the parking lot in the entrance area. There is walking pace throughout the course area. Driving on the course is only allowed for necessary purposes. Driving by car for shopping or to the sanitary building is not permitted. In case of violations of the park -or speed regulations, the authorization to drive on the camp site can be withdrawn. This results in no rent reduction.

8.The employees of the place or the night watch are entitled to make use of the house right, to refuse the admission of persons or to remove them from the camp site, if necessary, to maintain order on the campsite required appears.

9.Open fire and heaters that may be fire hazards, are prohibited. Barbecuing is allowed if any danger is excluded and the ground can not be damaged (no-disposable grills). Gas cylinders must be placed and stored in the designated containers. Storage and transport must comply with all safety requirements.

10. The landlord is not liable for theft or self-inflicted accidents. The use of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and Camper Clean machines is also at your own risk. Children are to be kept away from those machines.

11. It is only allowed to dispose of the garbage that was accumulated on the camp grounds. The sorting is based on the current waste plan (see “Important Information”). If the sorting regulations are disregarded, the landlord is entitled to charge the disposal costs. The campsite operator is entitled to dispose of broken and abandoned tents.  A repeated violation may result in an expulsion from the camp site.

12. If a camping guest is expelled for violating the site’s rules, this reference is equivalent to a house ban. Entering the course is prohibited. Infringements are prosecuted. A refund or reduction of camping fees is excluded. The landlord reserves the right to assert further claims for damages.

13. The rented parking space is to be put in order before departure and handed over perfectly.

14. The campsite is for recreational purposes only. Any trade or show casing on the premises is forbidde

15. Only guests who are free of infectious diseases according to § 6 of the Infection Protection Act will be accepted. With the booking you declare to be free from such diseases.

16. The campsite regulations are valid from the date of signature until further notice or until it is replaced by a new one.

As of 1.11.2016

Nordsee Camp
CO2 neutral

Dieses Projekt wird mit Mittein des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert


Es wurde der Bau eines Gebietes mit 28 CO -neutralen Chalets, der Bau einer Unterstellhalle und die Asphaltierung von Straßen auf dem Campinglatz gefördert.


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